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We are glad to have you as part of our leadership program. This program is meant to be interactive between players and coaches. The objectives of Leadership Now is introduce you to the necessary skills to empower yourself as a coach and assist your players in becoming effective leaders.

The Leadership Now program, consists of 7 modules; Teamwork, Leadership, Values, Power & Influence, Emotional Intelligence, Decision Making and Bullying.
How it works:
1. Click on “Connexion”, and add your email and make up a password to create an account.
2. Click on “About Us” to learn more on the organisation of the program.
3. Click on “Programs” to access our multiplatform eLearning course.
4. Below the page are two recommended ebooks to download, which can help further your understanding. You’ll need an access code to download, which is given to you in the guideline.
5. On the Programs page, there are two programs, one for coaches and one for players,  you’ll notice 3 or 4 clickable buttons;

  • Videos: The whole Leadership Now program on video, easy to watch and learn.

  • Booklet: Download the ebook of the program, access code is: SoccerQuebec

  • Courses: Here you’ll find each module contains a learning objective and a quiz.

  • Activities: Play fun games while learning, download stickers, and more.

6. Click on “Videos” to watch short clips of each module to understand the lessons more visually.
7. Click on “Booklet” to download the Guide Book of the Leadership Now program.
8. Once you viewed the videos, and downloaded the ebook of the program, it’s time to click on the “Courses” button. Here you’ll find all 7 modules, start with the first one “Teamwork”, read the objectives of that module, and learn about it in a book-like form of the module right below it,. To begin the quiz, you must complete a form with your name and email. At the end of the quiz you’ll be given a passcode to access the next module, simply copy and paste it when you click on the next module.
9. Once you’ve finished all 7 modules, you’ll be given a certificate of completion to print out in a downloadable file.



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